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  List of some representative projects (alphabetical order)

ABB (Japan), Head Office, Tokyo
ABB (Japan), Meiho Office, Aichi
ABB (Japan), Meiho Workshop, Aichi
ABB (Japan), Shimada Technical Center, Shizuoka
ADP Financial Information Services (Japan), Head Office, Tokyo
AIG Star Life, Head Office, Tokyo
Astra (Japan), Branch Office, Tokyo
Astra (Japan), Head Office, Osaka
AstraZeneca (Japan), Branch Office, Tokyo
AstraZeneca (Japan), Head Office, Osaka
Australian & New Zealand Chamber of Commerce (Japan), Head Office,

Australian Tourist Commission (Japan), Head Office, Tokyo
Bausch & Lomb (Japan), Head Office, Tokyo
British Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Japan), Head Office, Tokyo
British Tourist Authority (Japan), Head Office, Tokyo
Canadian Chamber of Commerce (Japan), Head Office, Tokyo
Ciba-Geigy (Japan), Head Office, Takarazuka
Coca-Cola (Japan), Research & Development Facilities Building, Tokyo
Commercial Office, Embassy of Sweden (Japan), Tokyo

De'Longhi (Japan), Cafe, Tokyo
De'Longhi (Japan), De'Longhi's, Tokyo
De'Longhi (Japan), Hoteres, Tokyo
De'Longhi (Japan), Interior Lifestyle (1), Tokyo
De'Longhi (Japan), Interior Lifestyle (2), Tokyo
Det Norske Veritas (Japan), Branch Office, Yokohama
Det Norske Veritas (Japan), Head Office, Kobe
Diplomatic Quarter, Uzbekistan
E Residence, Tokyo
Firmenich (Japan), Head Office, Tokyo
Golay Buchel (Japan), Head Office Building, Kobe
ICA Apartment Building, Cairo, Egypt
ICA Town Houses, Cairo, Egypt
International Metals Limited House, Tokyo
Japan International Development Organization (JAIDO) Hotel,
    Cairo, Egypt

Japan Egypt Center, Cairo, Egypt
Japan Resources Development (JRD) Compound, Fiji
Lundbeck (Japan), Head Office, Tokyo
M Residence, Nagano
Managemates International, Head Office Building, Tokyo
Mundipharma (Japan), Head Office, Tokyo
Nippon Kokan (NKK) Residences, Alexandria, Egypt
Novartis (Japan), Head Office, Tokyo
Roche (Japan), Head Office, Tokyo
Rolex (Japan), Branch Office, Osaka
Rolex (Japan), Head Office, Tokyo
Rolex (Japan), Technical and Training Center Building, Tokyo
Royal & SunAlliance Insurance (Japan), Head Office, Tokyo
Royal Bank of Canada (Japan), Head Office, Tokyo
Sugiguchi Residence, Tokyo
Swiss Reinsurance Company (Japan), Head Office, Tokyo
Swiss Reinsurance (Japan), Head Office, Tokyo
Swiss Re Japan & Swiss Re International New Office, Tokyo
Syngenta (Japan), Head Office, Tokyo
Telekurs (Japan), Head Office, Tokyo
The Tokyo Club, Tokyo
 Union Bancaire Privee (Japan), Head Office, Tokyo
Volvo Group Companies (Japan), Head Office, Tokyo
Yamano Gakuen, Aiko Yamano Bido Hall & Student Lounge, Tokyo

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